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Posted on: 20 Feb 2023
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Embalming is an age-old practice. It helps in preserving the body of a loved one from decomposition. Chemicals and solutions are injected into the process.

Embalming is not mandatory and is a personal choice of the family. It can help the body of a loved one look suitable for religious rites and funerals. However, it is mandatory if the body is being transported via air or train. Also, when families need to wait for any member to reach for the funeral, embalming will help in preserving the body.

It also gives your loved one the appearance of peaceful sleep. The surgical process begins with disinfection. The limbs are massaged to reduce stiffness, followed by setting facial features and arterial/ cavity embalming. The arterial embalming removes blood from veins and replaces it with an embalming solution. Cavity embalming is about making a small incision in the lower abdomen and draining the fluid content. It is replaced with chemical mixtures. Since it is a surgical and highly technical process, it needs planning and the right resources. Our team makes sure that you receive the right embalming services. We are the Best Embalming Service in Bangalore

What is Embalming ?

Embalming is a way of preserving your loved one from decomposition by injecting chemicals and solutions. Though it is a personal choice, the intention is generally to make the lost one look suitable for a religious ceremony or funeral service.

How Embalming is Done.

Arterial embalming involves removing the blood through veins and then replacing it with the embalming solution. On the other hand, in cavity embalming services, a small incision is made in the lower abdomen of the body to drain the gas and fluid content of the body. It is then replaced with formaldehyde-based chemical mixtures.

Why Kaveri Ambulance Embalming Service in Bangalore

Our embalming services are top-notch we are the Best Embalming Service in Bangalore and use certified and tested materials for the dead body preservation. Embalming today has reached a new level that keeps the deceased fresh for long. You need to use our services to believe what we are saying.

Professionals know the embalming technique and you will be satisfied to see the result even after many days of the death. You can’t compromise with the quality in service when it comes to embalming and this is what we promise. Have the best services to get the best results. Even if you have to wait for the last guests at your home, we can help you preserve the body. You will know the amazing result of our promise the day you take the body for the funeral ceremony.

It is very important to opt for embalming body in order to maintain the body in a way that it breathed its last on the day you unveil for the burial.

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